Jan 25, 2015

The February Schedule

I was about to write a thing but it is 35 degrees Celsius, my AC is busted and the fan just started to cough up smoke with its last dying breath. The situation is, to say the least, unpleasant. So instead of watching my fingers melt while I type, slowly coming to the realization that the Dali painting in the wall is actually a mirror, I'll let you know what is in store this next month.

February 1 - Experimental Mechanics 2015 edition. An extra pdf with a series of small tweaks to various rules that might make it to the final version of the game.
February 8 - Adapting Anime, chapter Gurren. A look at Gurren Lagann and what a game based around it might look like.
February 15 - Adapting Anime, chapter Lagann. As above but with custom mechanics to give the game that extra 'kicking reason to the curb' feel.
February 22 - Commissioned abilities status report. A look at all the awesome ideas I've had sent my way and how they're coming along.

The hard part of these is already done, but it does take time and concentration to explain them coherently, so that means we're starting next week. And we're opening with the big guns!

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