Feb 1, 2015

BCG Experimental Rules 2015

It is time for the second and final BCG Experimental Rules document. This is the last wave of changes before release, meaning that your feedback is more crucial than ever. I'm fairly confident this stuff is solid enough that it will make the game better as a whole, but I've been wrong before. Let's not waste more words and get right down to business, hmm?

Here is your download link and below is your summary of tweaks:

General Changes

-Impassable Terrain now deals damage to units that are forcefully slammed into it.
-Shooting Weapons no longer gain a +5 range bonus from Aiming, that bonus goes to Long Range Weapons instead.
-All Blasts now have their own individual blast radius. All other area of effect weapons have been keyworded as either Burst or Line Weapons.

Upgrade Changes

-Artillery Frame works with all Blast, Burst and Line Weapons but has the blast radius bonus reduced by 1.
-Guardian of Steel has a reduced range of 1 Zone around the user.
-Superior Morphing now includes Features along with External Upgrades and Weapons.
-Duelist Model works only with Melee Weapons.
-Resupply can spend multiple uses at once with one Action.
-Housekeeping updates to all Upgrades that need to reference Blasts, Burst and Lines. Of note is that Interference Bomb got its name changed to Jamming Barrage.

Weapon Changes

-Assault Rifle and Rocket Punch got minor buffs.
-Boosted Lance got a minor nerf.
-Electrosapper Pods and Resonance Cannon have been tweaked to make them more enticing.
-Housekeeping updates to all Weapons that need to reference Blasts, Burst and Lines. Of note is that Finger Net’s debuff has a longer duration and smaller radius.

Enemy Changes

-Colossus affects units that fly if the user can fly as well.
-Energy Drain steals one half of the target’s Energy.
-Possession now is clearer and simpler to use, though it only works with Default Weapons now.
-Housekeeping updates to all Enemy abilities that need to reference Blasts, Burst and Lines.

We have two months and change left to make alterations to the game itself. Let's make the best of them, Gimmick out!


  1. Is there a reason artillery frame only increases blasts and not lines?
    Burst I can kind of understand as it's more of a 'melee' thing.

    1. Lines are the most convenient area weapon. They get around anti-single target defenses and have a pretty easy time hitting two targets with each shot. The key factor here is that they do this while minimizing the risk of accidentally hitting your allies and also lack in big drawbacks. I don't want lines to have the ability to clean up mobs that blasts have at a fraction of the effort.

      Bursts are basically blasts aimed at oneself that don't hit the user with secondary effects. Because they give meleeists an easy way around one of their key weaknesses (mobs) I'm reaaally careful about them. Though perhaps they could use something else to distinguish them a little, like not hitting allies.