Jan 4, 2015

Solomon, I have Returned.

This is the first weekend since forever in which I've had reliable access to the world wide web, almost as if the new year needed to roll by to make it happen.

Anyhow, I just wrote a little something about the upcoming Element system. As usual, here are the highlights:

Just the Four classic Elements. Using only four Elements means that, assuming every enemy has at least one weakness and one resistance, you have a 50% chance of any elemental shenanigans will be either more effective (or shall we say super effective) or less effective than normal. Because if I'm going to add an optional subsystem to the game, I want it to be relevant more often than not, dang it.

An Elemental Weakness grants two Advantages to all Might Tests made using the corresponding Element and an Elemental Resistance has the inverse effect, giving two Disadvantages instead. In the case of Elemental Damage from sources like Extreme Terrain, the Advantages and Disadvantages are applied to the Test made to resist their effects instead - A Weakness means two Disadvantages to the Test and a Resistance means two Advantages instead.

All characters, PC or NPC, start with one Elemental Weakness and one Elemental Resistance by default. They can have more than that, but no less. This means that everyone will want to engage the system somewhat, even if only to mitigate its effects. Covering Weaknesses through temporary Resistances is fine, but passive Weaknesses stay.

All Beam Weapons are now Magic Weapons and must be aligned with one Element, chosen when purchasing said Weapon. Surprise Minefield, Fire at Will and The Beast can be made Elemental (The Beast alters your Default Weapons) when taken but otherwise remain neutral. This basically means that Elemental Weapons are some of the hardest hitting in the game, and through Weaknesses they can hit even harder, but you have to build around having access to them. Element-neutral physical builds have a place, and have a much easier time surviving attacks on their Weaknesses.

An Element of Surprise

One more thing. The January-February period will be sparse in terms of stuff I can actually show, but I do want to take advantage of that and get started on doing a thing I promised before...

It is happening.


  1. The elements themselves are what, though?
    Heat, Particle, Blast and Corrosive?
    Puncturing, Slashing, Crushing and Heart?

  2. Oh right, I didn't copy the actual list from the Kickstarter update. Whoops.

    They're Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.

  3. Somehow Earth Beam doesn't sound right.

  4. It is less about the physical-ness of the elements themselves and more about them being powered by magic.

    Basically it is ~magic~ earth.

    Likewise, splashing things with water is kind of a terrible offensive strategy when you could be using fire instead, but because of the ~magic~ powering it up it amounts to the same level of destructive power.