Apr 30, 2017

Its been a while.

It feels like it has been a lot longer than two months since the last post... Which might be because it has been almost three, now that I think about it. So what have I been up to?

I wrote some play aids for BCG (GM screen, random tables, interactive character sheets) but they feel half done and unpolished. They've been put on the backburner though, because they're a lot less interesting to work on than the things below.

I got RPGmaker (version MV, from 2015) as a gift and have been tinkering with it in trying to adapt BCG's mechanics and storytelling style to a JRPG format. This objective was met with varying degrees of success and at times it seems just plain impossible. I've not given up though, I'm going to keep at it. I do really like the way how much the engine has grown over the years (I used to tinker a lot with RPGMaker 2000 in my early teens) and it seems decently robust. Makes me wish there was a Tactics Maker, I would be all over that.

I've also written the skeleton of another tabletop RPG! This one is about making pacts with monsters and going to battle alongside them, with each player controlling multiple units at once. Think Drakengard meets Shin Megami Tensei. Its a very different game from... Pretty much any other tabletop RPG I've played before. I find myself questioning my usual design methodology fairly often and that makes it a very fun project.

They're very early projects and I can't promise I'll have anything to show soon, but I do want to write about their design process so I'll be updating here regularly about them. Relatively regularly, at least.

Oh yeah and I have to do the BCZ retrospective at some point. That'll happen sometime soon(ish?) too.

Gimmick Out.