Mar 13, 2016

BCZ Previews: Chapter 3.

The last chapter left to preview is Chapter 3, primarily meant for the GM.

On top of the usual advice for using the new rules content, it features an extensive list of Enemies and a few pre-planned Operations with special unique rules. Each of the thirty Enemies (10 Grunts, Rivals and Bosses each) has rules data going from Power Level 0 to 5 and comes with tips for playing and modifying them. At the end there are five Operation scenarios with unique Enemies, custom rules, Rules Modules they would work well with and tips to slot them into ongoing plot arcs.

The chapter is a very useful GM companion piece but there's not a lot of new content to show off and the way it uses tables for its new content makes it pretty hard to include it in a post. So here you go, a small preview of 5 pages.
Things have been progressing smoothly lately, so the expansion's delivery should be on time. We might have another update with the rules changes since v0.3 and the final release... Or we might just deliver BCZ early! We'll see.
See you all later.