Nov 29, 2015

SRD 1.2 update

The SRD had an error where Adaptive Morphology was listed twice, featuring an earlier version alongside the final one. That's now been fixed to clear up further confusion.

The rest of the expansion has been coming along great so I'll have news for you on that front soon.


  1. Hey there,

    This isn't exactly the most relevant place to post this, but that's related to my question: is there an active forum area, Facebook group, or somesuch for discussing Battle Century G?

    I picked up the game on DriveThruRPG after looking at the SRD and loving what I saw. First thing I've bothered to order a Print-On-Demand of. Great work, thanks for making this game!


    1. Thanks, that's just what I like to hear.

      There aren't any official websites, you could try making your own discussion threads wherever you frequent. If you have questions, you can post them here or use the contact form.

      Actually, now that I think about this, this is an official website. The comments are mostly development talk, balance discussion and rules questions, but I wouldn't mind more variety in discussion topics.

    2. I've already got an idea:
      Ask the community how can a titular mech (e.g. Getter robo, GaoGaiGar, Gurren Lagann) and their pilot be recreated using the Battle Century G rules!

  2. I'd love a facebook page for BCG
    Also, you finally fixed the thing! :D

  3. Made this for a start