Oct 11, 2015

Here comes the errata

Welp, it was inevitable there would be things that needed fixing. There were several mistakes in the released version of BCG so here I give you a pdf to address the whole of them. The whole one page of them: Here is a link.

Yes, it is just one page, so I might as well sum it up here:

First, in a twist of irony, the troubleshooting section is not clear enough or uses pre-kickstarter beta rules text in some spots. Those have been rewritten as appropriate now.

Second, the book never actually states that you can't get both the generalist and specialist versions of the same skill. Now it is explicit that you can't.

Third, it is likewise not stated anywhere that you can't stack equipment together to get as many advantages to your skill tests as you want. Now it is made clear those don't stack, only one piece of equipment applies at a time.

Also there was a typo somewhere. Yes, really. I'm horrified too.

On top of that there was a mistake in the SRD that didn't mention how to calculate Mecha Defense (Guard + 5) which has now been added to the 'Damage and Maiming' section of Operation rules. All changes have been rolled into the System Reference Document.


  1. Do Rivals have Genre Points/Powers?

    1. Yup. They have everything that PCs have except Themes, though they can have those, they just don't get extra GP.