May 31, 2015

Well, that's a whole new record of time without updates.

Here are the results of last update's poll!

As the results say, we're going with +Movement for Gotta go Fast (so it stays as is) and a base cost of 1 Energy for all Beams (and decreasing the Boost cost by 1, naturally). But the Antimaims are not quite so straightforward.

Invincible Alloy and Expansion Pack get their cost bumped to 20 MP, the latter now also holds up to 30 MP within to compensate. Integrated Weapons and Secret Equipment stay the same.

The full explanation is in the last Kickstarter update but if you've been reading the discussion in the comments most of this shouldn't surprise you too much.

So speaking of that, I should have the next version of the rules out sometime this June. Until then I'll be posting about all the changes here.

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