Sep 21, 2014

So. Much. Noise.

From Wikipedia:

Argentina celebrates the beginning of spring, conventionally, on 21 September, one or two days before the actual spring equinox. This day also marks Student's Day.

Though this is not a work-free public holiday, it coincides with Student's Day, which is a no-school day for students on all the levels of the education system (Except for Primary Schools). The holiday is therefore mostly observed and dominated by teenagers and young adults, which massively take on public parks, beaches and other outdoor venues in the larger cities, and enjoy sports or picnics.

Local administrations usually offer the public a number of entertainment shows, such as free rock concerts. In later years security operations have been staged to avoid incidents such as fights and vandalism, as well as controls to curb the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

As a ~=Responsible Adult=~ September 21 is, for me, "That day in which everyone around where I live is really, really loud.". I have been trying to concentrate for the past few hours to no avail, because I live at an intersection between two of the busiest main streets in the city, and the traffic jams are unbelievable today.

They just spent a whole 5-10 minutes honking, because that is clearly how you make the jam clear up, right?

I need good headphones.

Next week: What a game inspired on G Gundam might look like, with advice and mechanics. I'll do Gurren Lagann after that.


  1. I wait with complete and total excitement for the day you go over gurren lagann.

  2. It should be interesting!

    I absolutely love G Gundam and am really glad that it came up first, but Gurren Lagann is a lot more... Out There. And I like a challenge.

  3. Oh you silly southern people and your reverse seasons.

  4. At the same time, I do believe a lot of the G-Gundam votes were due to the systems inherent to the setting. Hyper Mode and active charging/prepping of attacks, for one.

    Although you'd have to modify the technique rules, as right now you get one per operation total, that's it that's all, even if you have several, because the rest get completely dodo'd after one.