Apr 22, 2018

BCZ Retrospective XV: New Mobility Upgrades.

This entry also has just another two Upgrades and they're honestly pretty basic. They have a shared history in that I knew I was going to make them from the first day of making BCG, but figured their niche nature should keep them to an expansion book. And that's 

Maritime Module
The underwater version of Antigravity, for those times when Terrain Specialist (Underwater) isn't enough. Maritime Module is secretly one of the most powerful Upgrades in the game because it makes you immune to deep sea pressure and also to phase through underwater walls. The wording is the same as Antigravity except for it only working underwater, and Antigravity can fly over Impassable Terrain, so... Yeah, another thing to keep in mind for the future. It turns out that making a deliberate effort to keep text the same (I thought it would help people memorize it easier and minimize confusion) for abilities that work in very different contexts isn't the best idea.

Zero-G Module
It's Antigravity but in spaaace. The things I pointed out with MM above also apply to Zero-G Module, except it is even stronger because (unlike underwater) space settings are expected to have space stations and asteroid fields and weaponized meteors. Hell, you can even no-sell a black hole with this thing, if you go by the rules as written. What was I even thinking? Obviously, these things won't happen in a remotely serious game and the GM will raise an eyebrow anytime someone even brings them up, but the purpose of good rules is to minimize the amount of rulings that GMs have to make. I'd be embarrassed but, frankly, the sheer absurdity of what this Upgrade enables is way too funny to me.

And that's both Mobility Upgrades! I knew there weren't going to be many of them in the expansion, as they are basically "General Upgrades that I want to be Maimable for balance reasons (and themed around making you more mobile)" and the list of things that apply to that criteria is quite tiny.

Next: Support Upgrades

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