Jul 26, 2015

I Fixed Some Things

A handful of paragraphs transitioned incorrectly between the full and srd versions. Fret not, the only one that was actual rules text in need of fixing was just the range of Supports (from twice Systems to just Systems). The download link has been fixed already, but here you go anyway.


  1. Gimmick,

    Question about power levels, XP, and starting points.

    Characters begin with 100 CP and MP, the equivalent of 100 XP. Does this put starting character in the middle of Power Level 3. Is this the intent, because I remember a warning with the test versions not to play players get to Power Level 5 or let them get to far into it, because they get to be too powerful then. Any chance you can clarify this and what it means for play? Should I give characters less starting CP and MP to open the game up for more growth, or is that 100 base for pretty much everything?

  2. Power Levels don't count starting XP, meaning that Characters start at PL 0. That 100 base is for everyone and is barely enough to make a functioning PC.

    Level 0 PCs are very weak and don't even have any unique genre powers, I always recommend to start with Levels 1 or 2. It is Levels 4 and 5 you have to watch out for.

  3. Gimmick,

    I just started a game with some people and we have some questions on Absolute Barrier. It is supposed to complete negate damage up to Energy Spend x 2 for each attack or does it give "temporary" Threshold of that amount for the round? A few of my players have it and I have had trouble findings ways to lay on damage.

  4. The latter, it doesn't refresh between attacks, so it is really good against one enemy but much less so against focus fire.

    If you want a more straightforward solution, then anything that automatically destroys a Threshold level (like Resonance Cannon) will bypass the barrier's temporary hp when it destroys the whole thing. That one is as much of a direct counter as you can get.

  5. Gimmick, I've just looked through the entire srd, and while I assume Guard is used for Mecha Defense in some way, it doesn't actually say how.

  6. Mecha Defense is Guard + 5, much like Character Defense is Awareness +5.

    That's a big gaff. For some reason the text there is different from the full version. I'll fix it ASAP.

    1. It is done, thanks for pointing it out. That must have been weird to play with...