Oct 26, 2014

Let me Tell you About my Kickstarter

Well, it is happening at last. I'm not even sure what to say anymore, other than that the past two months have been interesting to say the least, seeing as I'm typing this on my second-and-half week of sleeping 3-4 hours a day. I'll try to be brief and keep myself from rambling incoherently, so let's get to the meat of things.

As you might be able to tell if you have the most rudimentary reading comprehension skills, I'm running one of those. In case you don't know what that is, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects for creators who want to involve their audience in the creative process. Which is a really fancy way of saying that it is a way for people like me to get money from people like you to fuel our mutual dreams of playing games of pretend with giant robots, but don't let my ironic cynicism get in the way of that.

Anyhow, you can find out more if you click the linked widget to the right. For the most part I want to take this moment to explain a few things that have changed since I started sharing my plans a while ago. You can read this first then go check out the other page, or go there first and then come back here for the differences, it doesn't really matter that much. Honestly they're barely noticeable changes for the most part, but I'm trying to be open about the process so I might as well explain why I've changed my mind about those things.

First, the release date is pushed to May 2015. As you are probably aware if you've been following any of what I've been doing, I'm something of a perfectionist. I wanted to have this finished before the end of the year, but the past 1-2 months were pretty bad in terms of getting things done, and it is much harder to keep to a schedule during the holiday season. I could instead offer a closer date like February or March, but just this once I'm going to play it safe. If I can get it out earlier, that's awesome and I will be happier than anyone else, but life always finds a way to complicate things and this time I'm prepared.

Second, every physical copy of the game is going to be delivered through print-on-demand self-service. That means you have it printed and shipped from DriveThruRPG (Go make an account if you don't have one) and not through me. This saves time and money for me and you, because I can focus more on game design and less on roleplaying a FedEx manager, and you have everything handled by professionals at a cheaper rate than usual. I once said I thought I could charge more with each pledge and handle those myself - after doing more research I realize that was naive of me, and I apologize for that.

Third, we're running from today until November 23. I wish we weren't finishing so close to Black Friday, but I'd rather finish before it than run through the Holiday Season. If I could have launched last week, I would have. We work with what we've got.

Fourth, Gurren Lagann chat is on hold temporarily. It will probably stay that way until the end of November. With the campaign behind us I will be able to talk more freely about I could actually add to the game as a whole from it, though.

If I sound exhausted, that's because it is a pretty good way to sum up my current state, but I am also really energized by having finally gotten here. There's much work left to do, and a lot of it is not going to be fun, but having crossed this checkpoint at last I can now finally move forward. And it feels good.

Now let's make some games happen.

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