Aug 24, 2014

Explanations are in Order

Bureaucracy blows. I'm not into naming names and shifting blames but I'm even less into making promises that I can't keep because of external factors. To summarize: Paypal's crowdfunding policies require you to go back and forth between them and your bank or your credit card's website. The former is uncooperative and wants me to wait (until next month at the latest), while the latter has has a crappy website that insists I do not exist against all physical evidence stating the contrary.

Basically we're all going to have to wait a little longer. It happens.

It dawns on me that if you usually do not see more regular updates on personal projects like this, it is because constantly saying there's nothing new to show and apologizing for it feels rather pathetic. Oh well, other than that I'm basically done with preparations and the plan remains the same. I'm taking off next month from everything to properly devote myself to it and ensure nothing goes wrong. Nothing.

In lieu of making exciting things happen today or next week, instead I'm going to talk about said things. It is not quite as good, but it is still something. Starting with...

My Diabolical Plan to Help you Save Money

Printing and shipping hardcovers costs money. Keeping track of the copies received and delivered also requires a good deal of work and physical space, because the boxes full of stuff need to be stored somewhere. This drives costs even higher. To spend less time and money on this and let me focus more on the Fun Game Stuff, I'm going to use DrivethruRPG's services to deliver all physical product. 

From my end of things, this is fairly practical. DTRPG has experience doing this kind of thing and they do ship worldwide so this minimizes risks of something going wrong and causing us all to lose money. Today opened up with me almost ranting about one named company and two unnamed ones, but my (albeit relatively limited) experience with DTRPG is pretty much only positive.

From your end of things it effectively lets you split total costs into two or three payments. For example, let's say you want one copy of core BCG and one of the expansion BCZ. That has a total cost of $40* (plus shipping) distributed as such:

  1. First you contribute $20 to the campaign.
  2. When BCG Core is ready to print, you receive a coupon to redeem your physical copy any time for around $11.
  3. When BCZ is ready to print, you receive a coupon to redeem your physical copy any time you want for around $9.
  4. You can have them shipped individually or both at once to save more. That's your call.

*: Prices subject to change depending on changes to the pagecount.

Or you could pay everything upfront, adding shipping costs and an extra $5 to account for any increases in printing costs from adding more content. This second method might be more practical to you, but if you want to have more control over the process and to save some money, you can do that too. This is particularly important if you want to print books for your whole group or for yourself - because you don't want to damage your precious limited edition backer-only copy.

Next week I am going to finally start talking about the expansion and how you'll get to decide what goes in it.


  1. I am hoping it is alright to ask system questions? The earlier edition post had not had comments in a long time.

    I am wanting to find out if Superior Morphing gives the two sets of weapons to your first pair of Frames, or whether you must pay an additional 5MP with the first initial transformation purchase as well to obtain them.

    Also is it intended that you cannot use make a commander type (as this requires both commander type and EWAC) that uses beam weapons? It requires so much energy that you would be significantly more powerful using normal shooting ones instead.

  2. Questions are always welcome no matter the contents of the post itself! The more questions I get, the better I can tell what is easy to understand and what could be written more clearly.

    So let's say you buy Frames + Superior Morphing for 25 MP total. You have two Frames each with their own 10 MP plus applicable Features. If you would like to have a third Frame, it raises the total cost to 30 MP and each one has its own 10 MP and one or more Features.

    Commander + EWAC plus a beam weapon is really expensive, yes. It is intended in the sense that the high energy cost is relative to the high power of the combo. Self-supporting with beams is a fair deal more viable in a high level game.

    Hope that clears things up.

    1. A fair bit, thank you. I really was not sure in regards to Frames.

      On the subject of self-supporting, I will avoid going so high in Energy. It looks like the support will happily feed an Artillery Frame with Expert Support, and the saved points easily allow sniper model with some leeway. An impetuous bombardment with all of this should tear apart some things.

      I also like the extreme terrain support. It is very weak, but it could potentially hit multiple times in its existence. Perhaps I can convince our duelist to make an environmentally immune machine. That and Boosted Lance, which might be the best way out of a duel for non-melee machines.